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Kenwood is a great brand that offers powerful stereo systems.

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Cause a car radio wont turn on after battery died.


The best way to improve your car stereo’s sound is by installing high-quality speakers.

Car speaker sizes, an ultimate guide for beginners

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What is the main cause for speakers not working in the car?

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The car speakers but don’t know which is the best size setup.

For music to sound its best, it’s important to understand the basics of speaker wiring.


High-performance car audio is frequently linked to amplifiers. Without one, a car stereo wouldn’t function.

4 Channel Amp Vs Monoblock, What is The Difference

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The clearest symptoms are the heat, burning smell, and poor sound quality from your stereo.

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Car subwoofers can upgrade your car speakers’ sound if you want to provide your car with high-quality music and a broad bass spectrum.

Subwoofer stopped working but amp is on

Some possible cause of this problem is failed driver magnet.

The best placement for subwoofers in a car trunk is under the front seat or with speakers that face up.

This device is a big low-pressure air pump that transmits low bass vibrations.

These devices are subwoofers but come in different sizes.

The subwoofer receives audio signals that the amplifiers have amplified.