About Us

Our Story

Established in 2022, My Car Gears hopes to become a reliable resource of guides and tips about car gear for all the gearheads and car lovers. We talk about everything wheeled related to car audio installation, car problems, and caring tips.

With an endless passion for automotive, our team has spent a lot of time researching car electronics, and we realize that a car providing the best driving experience requires a lot of knowledge, experience, and learning time.

Therefore, the purpose of My Car Gears is to inform any mechanics and car enthusiasts who are looking for unbiased and up-to-date reviews and guides.

Our Mission

With the criterion of putting quality and user experience first, My Car Gears’ three core values include:

  • Fashion: The information that we bring is the latest updated knowledge, suitable for contemporary cars.
  • Objectivity: Every guide and review is provided with unbiased evidence from the practical experience of top experts.
  • Credibility: All citations and illustrations are taken from proven and reputable sources.

With all those things, we hope you will have the best experience here!

My Car Gears team.