Best 18650 Charger

Best 18650 Charger 2020 – Buying Guide & Reviews

Regardless of your purpose of using batteries, you will need a charger you can depend on. Most of the products like vapes and flashlight use 18650 batteries and without a good charger you can’t even think of using them. We searched the market and did thorough research to come to the list of best 18650 chargers. Based on our test we have sorted out the top ones which will fulfill your battery needs to the core.

Best 18650 Charger

1. MiBoxer Rechargeable Battery Charger – Best Battery Charger For 18650

MiBoxer Rechargeable Battery Charger
  • ☞【Large Charging Current】For (3.7V/4.2V/4.35V) battery and LiFePo4(3.6V) Max 1.5A*4 slots/0.8A*8 slots; for Ni-MH/Ni-Cd(1.48V) Max 1A*8 slots, support automatically/manually charging current setting, total 10 gears current range for your choice.
  • ☞【Strong Compatibility】Slot length up to 75mm, it is compatible with almost all rechargeable batteries on the market,RCR123/AA/AAA/C/SC Max charge 4pcs 18650+4pcs 26650 together;
  • ☞ 【Multiple Security protection】It made of safe and fire prevention PC+ABS material, with heat-resisting, low-temperature resistance, and scratch resistance; Automatically stop charging when the battery was fully charged. With reverse-battery and short circuit protection function.with LiFePO4 memory function;
  • ☞【Rich Information on LCD Display】With a large LCD display ,show the charging mode,battery type ,internal resistance and battery capacity data,charging time and the battery percentage.
  • ☞【100% Quality Guarantee】Supply 3 years warranty ,any quality problems or questions ,just feel free to contact us.We must bear 100% responsibility ,giving you 100% satisfaction and zero hassle returns guaranteed.So buy it WITH CONFIDENCE

This is one of among the few chargers in the market with as many a s 8 slots to fast charge your batteries. You can charge one or all the 8 batteries independently in this one. This way you don’t need to put all the batteries for charging if your requirement is for one. The charger supports a large charging current range from 3.7V/4.2V/4.35V. It supports both manual and automatic charging current setting. It has 10 gear current range, you can choose anyone as per your need.

The battery charger is made of PC+ABS material. The material is heat resistant, waterproof, low temperature resistant, shock-proof, and fire-resistant. This way it makes sure that the battery is not damaged by any unnatural things when kept on charging. The best thing that we found about it is that it automatically stops charging once the battery is fully charged. To protect the battery it has reverse battery and short circuit protection feature. Often the local battery chargers fail to protect the batteries against overcharging.

For convenience, it has an LCD screen that shows the current input. You can put batteries upto 75mm length in the slot. Our testing suggests it can fit well to almost all the rechargeable cylindrical batteries in the market.

Things We Like
  • Delivers powerful performance
  • Auto stop when the battery is charged
  • Weatherproof and shock resistant
  • Made with premium quality material
Things We Don't Like
  • None

Bottom Line

If you are someone who owns a lot of batteries for different purposes than this one is for you. You can use it for fast charging multiple batteries without a second thought.

2. Eftest 4213 – Best 6-Bay 18650 Battery Charger For Flashlight

Eftest 4213
  • With 6 charging slots, compatible with and identifies Li-ion (10440, 14500, 14650, 16340, 16650, 17650, 17670, 17350, 18350, 18490, 18500, 18650, 26500, 26650) -Each slot has an independent monitoring and charging current function
  • High quality LCD display Screen to display battery charging status.
  • With two optional charging modes (0.68A or 2A) that is easily changed using the Multi-function Button
  • Charge up to 6 batteries using the 0.68A charging mode.Only Slot 3 and Slot 4 can charge at 2.0A
  • The single slot maximum charging current is 2A, the maximum total charging current is 4A

Eftest is another multifunctional charger in the category of best 18650 chargers category. It has everything that you need to fast charge your batteries and keep them protected against charging damages. The product has 6 charging slots that are compatible with a variety of Li-ion batteries like 10440, 14500, 16650, 18650, etc. Like other high-end chargers, this one also has slots that work independently to allow one or multiple battery charging.

To charge as per the battery’s current requirement it has two optional charging modes 0.68 A or 2A. You can change them easily as per the battery requirement. You can charge almost all kind of batteries used in flashlights, remote controls, and other electronic gadgets that has 0.5 to 2 A batteries. Be rest assured, the batteries are always safe against over-current, over-voltage, short circuit, and reverse polarity protection. Moving on to its construction, it is made of good quality ABS plastic that is weatherproof and shock-resistant.

For extra convenience, it has a high-quality LCD display. On the display, you can check the battery status even if you forget to check the battery status the device would automatically switch off to prevent overcharging. On the whole, a good multiple bay charger for anybody and everybody who deals with multiple batteries.

Things We Like
  • Delivers fast charging
  • Over voltage and over charging protection
  • Big display
  • Made with good quality material
Things We Don't Like
  • Customers complain of decreased performance when used a salt rock lamp

Bottom Line

A good 6-bay multiple charger in the market. This one is known for its good current range and easy to use features.

3. Eastshine Universal Battery Charger – Best 18650 Battery Charger Mooch

Eastshine Universal Battery Charger
  • 1. Safety First: S4 4 Slot plug in Recharger Compliant Standard--UL cUL TUV GS PSE FCC CE C-TICKCB ROHS,and with Intelligent Circuits, Fire Retardant Materials. Please confirm your battery is genuine / not damaged / quality / Rechargeable before charging.
  • 2. 4bay Universal Charger Charges Simultaneously almost all types Rechargeable Batteries of Multiple Different Specifications: NiMH Ni-Cad Double A Triple A AA AAA AAAA C SC Nicd, Lithium-ion Li-FePO4 IMR INR ICR 26700 26650 26500 25500 22650 18700 18650 18490 18500 18350 17670 17650 17500 17355 16650 16340 RCR123A 14650 14500 14430 10440 18659 20650 18560 Liion Protected Rcr123 Quad 3.2 Volt Battery etc.
  • 3. 4cell Speedy Charger Compatible with: Button Top Eneloop 2000mAh AA 2 Hour, Compatible with Amazonbasics 800mAh AAA 0.8-Hour at 1 amp rapid Current, Compatible with Flat Top 3.7V 3400mAh Lithium ion Panasonic NCR18650B 3.5-Hour, Compatible with 3.6V 2500mAh Li ion High Drain LG HE2 2.5-Hour @ 1A quick Charge Current.
  • 4. Four Pack Cells Digital LCD Display Smart Charger: Automatically Detect battery Status, Select Charge Mode, Cut Off at Full Power or Overtime, and LCD Screen Displays Each Cell’s Voltage and Type, Charging Current and Time Independently. 2 Charge Current (500mA Slow/ 1000mA Fast) and 3.2V LiFePO4 Options to be Chosed Manually.
  • 5. What you get: EASTSHINE S4 Universal 4 Slots updated 2020 Household Battery Chargers, DC 12V - 24V Auto Vehicles / AC 100V - 240V US Wall Adapter, User Manual, Happy Card with 24 Hours Warm Service, 30 Days Free Refund, 2 Years Free Replacement, Lifetime Maintenance. Do not charge a damaged / inferior battery.

EastShine is a safety first 4 slot plug in charger in the industry following ll the complaint standard UL, uCL, TUV, GS, SE, and the intelligent circuit ones. Although it has all the safety standards but make sure the battery that you are going to use in this is genuine, quality-wise good, and not damaged before putting it for charging. It is because a damaged battery can cause a short-circuit and thereby hamper the device functioning. It has 4-bay slots to charge almost all types of Li-ion 18650 batteries. All the slots can be charged independently which makes it a good device.

The current range in this unit is from 1.2 to 4V which is a good for almost all the batteries for mooch, flashlights, and other battery-operated electronic devices. Moving on to its construction, it is made of decent quality plastic which is shock-resistant and fireproof. However, when we checked it for over-charging protection and over-voltage protection we were not very much satisfied. Our test suggests that if you are not careful with the charging requirements you might end up damaging your battery.

For ease of use, it has an LCD screen that shows the battery status and the current-voltage range. You can buy it if you are looking for a decent functioning charger for your electronic needs.

Things We Like
  • Fast charging
  • Weatherproof and shock resistant
  • LCD display
Things We Don't Like
  • Cannot handle to much of mishandling

Bottom Line

A 4-bay charger to handle multiple charging needs of different electronic items.

4. XTAR VC4 Li-ion/Ni-MH Battery – Best 18659 Battery Charger Vaping

XTAR VC4 Li-ion/Ni-MH Battery
  • 1. 4 bay 18650 battery Charger Charges Simultaneously almost all types Rechargeable Batteries of Multiple Different Specifications: 10440 14500 16340 18350 18650 25500 32650 Ni-MH AA AAA C D Battery etc.( Noted : VC4 Can’t charge protected 20700 and 21700 batteries. If you want to choose a protected 21700 battery charger, please choose XTAR NEW X4 Charger and XTAR VC8 Charger)
  • 2. XTAR VC4 battery charger provides 2 charging current choice as 500mA 1000mA, Intelligently chooses charging currents from 0.1A to 1A. Insert 1pcs or 2pcs battery in the CH1 &CH4 , the Max charging is 1000mA
  • 3. 4 cell High Quality Speedy Charger : With built-in protection, bring you a safety universal 18650 battery charger, Overcharge protection,Over-discharge protection,Short circuit protection,Reverse polarity protection.The universal battery charger is made of PC fire retardant material, which has excellent safety and portability.
  • 4. Digital LCD Display Smart Charger: Automatically Detect battery Status, LCD Screen Displays Each Cell’s Voltage and Type, Charging Current and Battery Charged Capacity Independently. 2 Charge Current (500mA Slow/ 1000mA Fast).
  • 5. What you get: XTAR VC4 Universal 4 Slots Household Battery Chargers, Hop-pocket, USB Cable ,User Manual, (Charger Adapt to any 5V USB Power , the package is not including wall adapter), 1 Years Free Replacement (Replacement will ship from XTAR TX warehouse), Lifetime Maintenance. Do not charge a damaged / inferior battery.

XTAR VC4 is an affordable 18650 battery charger on the list. We call it one of the top charger for vaping kind of batteries. The VC4 comes with 4 slots that charge independently. One unique feature is that it has four separate 0V activation functions to prevent over-discharge batteries. It can charge a dead battery within a span of half an hour. The unit is compatible with 1.6 V to 3.7 Volts batteries of multiple models.

The power range of it is adequate to provide fast performance as per the battery needs. It charges up the battery in three stages to prolong the batteries life. This way it starts up with soft power to avoid the sudden high charge and prolong the battery lifespan. Apart from this, the body material is weatherproof, fireproof, and shock-resistant. You can use it without the headache of over-charging, over-voltage fluctuations, or short-circuit. On the whole, they have almost everything to protect your batteries.

We also like its unique tachometer style LCD display to show detailed charging status. It is quite challenging initially to understand the tachometer style but once you get used to it becomes easy.

Things We Like
  • Affordable
  • Overcharging protection
  • Great for use
Things We Don't Like
  • Display is difficult to read

Bottom Line

A decent working charger for all the type of batteries available in the market. People love it for its price and performance.

5. Nitecore D4 Intelligence – Best Brand 4-Bay Multicharger

Nitecore D4 Intelligence
  • Capable of charging 4 batteries simultaneously -Genuine NITECORE. Validation code on package.
  • Compatible with Li-ion (26650, 22650, 18650, 17670, 18490, 17500, 18350, 16340(RCR123), 14500, 10440), Ni-MH and Ni-Cd (AA, AAA, AAAA, C) rechargeable batteries
  • Optimized charging design for IMR batteries; Intelligent circuitry detects the battery type and status before entering automatic charge mode (CC, CV, dV/dt)
  • Integrated LCD panel clearly displays charging parameters and progress
  • 12V DC Cable & 2X EdisonBright AA to D battery converter spacers included. These allow use of rechargeable AA batteries in D battery equipment.

It is one of the top models that you can get in the market. It is loved from years for its performance, safety, and quality. It is a 4 slot charger compatible with Ni-Cd, Li-ion, and Ni-MH batteries. We love its optimized charging design for IMR batteries. It uses intelligent circuit technology to detect the status of the battery and before entering the automatic charging mode.

For ease of use, it has different power ranges. There are two convenient buttons on the side to choose the battery type and voltage range. You can use AA to D types of battery with this. We would recommend you to check the battery type and power requirement and adjust the charger accordingly for best fast charging performance.

In addition to all this, like others, it has an integrated LCD panel display to show up the charging parameters and progress. Buy it as this is a hot selling model know for its durability, performance, and quality.

Things We Like
  • Can work with multiple batteries
  • Durable
  • Extremely fast charging
Things We Don't Like
  • A little expensive

Bottom Line

A high-quality battery charger in the industry that is sold like pancakes. Buy it if you are looking for something durable and sturdy.

6. EastShine 18650 Charger – Best 2-Bay Charger

EastShine 18650 Charger
  • 1. Safety First: S2 Charger's Compliant Standard--UL cUL TUV GS PSE FCC CE C-TICKCB ROHS, and with Fire Retardant Materials, Intelligent Circuits and Worldwide Warranty, Please confirm your battery is genuine / not damaged / quality / Rechargeable before charging.
  • 2. Universal Charger for All Types of: NiMH NiCd A Double A Triple A AA AAA AAAA C SC Battery, Li-ion Lithium-ion LiFePO4 IMR INR ICR 26650 25500 22650 18650 18490 18500 18350 17670 16340 RCR123A 14500 10440 Rechargeable CR123 CR123A Li ion Batteries.
  • 3. 2 Bay Speedy Rechargers for: Eneloop 2000mAh AA 2-Hour, Nickel Amazonbasics 800mAh AAA 0.8-Hour, 3.7V Button Top Lithium ion 3400mAh Panasonic NCR18650B 3.5-Hour, 3.7 Volt Flat Top Liion 2500mAh LG HE2 2.5-Hour @ 1A Fast Charge Current.
  • 4. 2 Slots Smart Chargers: Automatically Detect battery Status, Select Charge Mode, Cut Off Power at Full or Overtime, and LCD Display Each Cell’s Voltage and Type, Charging Current and Time.
  • 5. What you get: S2 2 Slot Smart Recharger, DC Vehicles / AC Wall Adapter, Happy Card with 24 Hours Warm Service, 30 Days Free Refund, 2 Years Free Replacement, Lifetime Maintenance.

If you are looking for a 2 slot charger nothing can be better than this. It has everything you need from durability to fast performance. This one is also a fast-selling product on Amazon and offline stores. The other best thing about this is that it is quite affordable. It is a safety-first charger that complies with all the intelligent circuit standards. Both the slots provided in it work independently to give unbeatable performance all the time.

The charger can fit almost all the types of batteries Li-ion, Ni, AA, AAA, etc. Furthermore, it gives varying power range depending on the battery needs. Be rest assured after you put it on charging as it can cut-off power anytime when its fully charged, or when there is a over-voltage, or short-circuit. Additionally, to keep it safe it is made of premium quality plastic. The plastic is shockproof, waterproof, weatherproof, and fireproof.

Like others, you have an LCD display to check battery charging status, charging time, and current range. Buy it for its durability and fast performance.

Things We Like
  • Can work with all the type of batteries
  • Extremely safe to use
  • Gives good performance
Things We Don't Like
  • None

Bottom Line

The best 2-bay fast charger in the industry that follows all the safety standards keep you and your batteries safe all the time.

Buying Guide – What To Consider When Buying 18650 Charger

Buying a device like this can be confusing until and unless you know about your needs and the variety in the market. A best battery charger 18650 can be a savior to your pocket. It is impossible for you to test each and every product in the market and that is why we have done it for you. Furthermore, you should also know what are your requirements and what are the things that you want. If you don’t know how to sort this out, we have a buying guide solely for you. Our buying guide would help you find out the top one matching your needs.

1. Battery Type

You should know what kind of battery you have and what are the batteries that you are planning to use in the future. This would give an idea of the types of batteries the charger can charge. Nowadays almost all the chargers can charger a variety of batteries from AA to D, Li-ion, Ni-mh, and other different kinds. So, it would be better if your charger could charger all of them for you to use in the present or future. The best in this category are MiBoxer Rechargeable Battery Charger, Eftest 4213, and Eastshine Universal Battery Charger.

2. Number Of Slot

You should know how many slots or bays you require and accordingly you should buy. If you use too many batteries an 8-bay or 4 bay charger would do a good job. And if you use fewer batteries than a 2-bay charger can also put up to your needs.

3. Quick Charging Technology

This is one crucial thing to consider when choosing the charger. Here this means you should know about the charging time. Not all the chargers in the industry can charge super quickly. Choosing a one with fast charging is very important and an added advantage. We have only included those chargers on our list that have quick charging technology.

4. Indicators

They are much needed for determining the charging progress of the batteries. You need to know if the battery is full and prevent over-charging and thereby increase the lifespan of the batteries. Indicators are available in different patterns like LED, LCD, etc. Most of them have LCD display for convenience.

5. Safety Features

Almost all battery chargers come with a number of safety features. They are important as they prevent the possibility of fire/or explosion while charging the batteries. When you have a smart charger with safety features you would be rest assured and not worry about overcharging, weak charging, over heating, etc.

6. Independent Charging Bays

They are again very important. At times we need one or two batteries but our charger can charger as good as 8 batteries. So, in such circumstances, a charger that can independently charge a single battery is important. The independent bays can reduce charging time for each battery being charged simultaneously. This is because each bay won’t have to share a circuit that not only slows down the charging times and thus you get a quick charging time for the batteries. These ones are a little costly but absolutely worth the price.

Final Talk

The best 18650 battery chargers are actually a very helpful tool when it comes to charging numerous batteries. However, we found out the MiBoxer Rechargeable Battery Charger to be the best one available for you. However, you can also choose any other product that is available on the list. Apart from this, we hope that going through the buying guide will help you to find the product according to your wish.

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