Best AGM Battery Charger

Best AGM Battery Charger 2020 – Buying Guide & Reviews

A dead or drained battery can cause great trouble and changing them can be expensive. For such situations, you should consider buying a less expensive powerful AGM battery charger. These chargers are known to provide your battery the juice it really needs. They also enhance battery life and give impact performance. Our rigorous market testing suggests that there are 6 best AGM battery chargers. All of them are known for their efficiency and quality. So, let’s start with them one by one.

Best AGM Battery Charger

1. NOCO Genius G7200 – Best 12V AGM Battery Charger

NOCO Genius G7200
  • The most versatile all-in-one battery charger any vehicle owner would need to quickly recharge its battery in hours, including cars, boats, trucks, RVs, tractors and much more up to 230 amp-hours.
  • Perfect for keeping your vehicles fully charged and maintained during year-round battery maintenance or long-term storage for improved performance and longevity.
  • Works with all types of 12-volt and 24-volt lead-Acid batteries, including wet, gel, and AGM, or any common automotive, deep-cycle, marine, or maintenance-free battery. Dc cord-75-inches (14awg). AC cord-60-inches (18awg)
  • Keep your battery fully charged without worry or overcharge. Simply plug-in and let our advanced charging technology automatically monitor and maintain your battery.
  • Use our advanced repair mode to reverse the damaging effects when batteries are left uncharged for extended periods to improve battery performance and longevity. Power consumption:132 watts (max)

Genius G7200 is one of the best NOCO battery chargers. It can be used for both 12V and 24V lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries. You can invest in it to maintain your battery really long. Our testing suggests this to be an excellent battery maintainer for both starter and the deep cycle batteries for an all-time full charge. You can trust this brand as the customer suggests this to be the most reliable brand known for making premium car chargers and other accessories.

The NOCO agm battery charger is a versatile device that can be used for a variety of vehicles like motorbikes, cars, RV’s, trucks, tractors, and other vehicles up to 230 amp charge requirements. While testing we found, it can charge an AGM deep cycle battery two times faster than other competitor products. Actually, it can drastically reduce the charging time of any deep cycle or starting battery. The other great thing that we found out is that it works with almost all kind of batteries like the lead-acid, wet, gel, deep-cycle, marine, or other batteries.

For efficiency, reliability, and safety it uses advanced charging technology which is spark-proof, waterproof and has reverse-polarity protection too. You can even use it to recharge the batteries that are lying dead from a long time.

Things We Like
  • Delivers powerful performance
  • Safe to use
  • Weatherproof, reverse-polarity protection, and shock resistant
  • Versatile to use with all vehicles and all battery types
Things We Don't Like
  • None

Bottom Line

A versatile agm battery charger for motorbikes, cars, boats, marine vehicles, trucks, etc. Buy it if you have batteries that are difficult to maintain.

2. Schumacher SC1281 – Best AGM Battery Charger For RV

Schumacher SC1281
  • Features 30A quick boost and 1H2:L1600A jump start, powerful enough to start SUVs, trucks and large batteries
  • Battery and alternator tester provides charge level and helps diagnose electrical problems
  • Features multi-stage charging and auto-voltage detection for added precision, safety and battery life
  • Reverse hook-up protection ensures charger will not operate if clamps are reversed
  • Charges compatible battery types, including standard, AGM, gel and deep-cycle batteries

This is another top agm battery charger for large vehicles like SUVs, RV, trucks, and other large vehicles. Our test suggests it to be one of the good agm jump start chargers. It can charge a dead battery in hours. Be rest assured it would help you to enhance the life of your dead batteries and keep them functional at all times. Although this charger is a little bulky one, you might find it difficult to carry during travel. In such cases, you can solve these issues by charging the battery one night before.

Schumacher can be used for RVs, motorcycle, boats, marine vehicles, SUVs, crossover cars, and other larger vehicles. It is a fully automatic charger that can fast charge any kind of battery. Our tea suggests it goes well with lithium-ion, lead, wet batteries, gel batteries, AGM, deep-cycle, etc. What is unique in it is the LCD display and battery alternate tester. With them, you could know the charge levels and can also diagnose the electrical issues.

Furthermore, it has some unique features like multi-stage charging to protect the battery. It also has auto-voltage detection and reverse-polarity protection for added precision. Overall, it has all the features to make it reliable and safe.

Things We Like
  • Work for large vehicles
  • LCD display makes it more convenient
  • Jump-start charger
  • Follows safety standards
Things We Don't Like
  • Bulky

Bottom Line

A good agm battery charger for RVs, SUVs, and other larger vehicles. Buy it if you have dead batteries and you truly believe in jump-start charging.

3. Optima 1200 Maintainer – Best Marine AGM Battery Charger

Optima 1200 Maintainer
  • Charges batteries other chargers cannot , down to 1.25V; Car audio/video applications exceeding 250 watts over the OE system
  • Integrated (+) charging clamp LED work light with nonslip grips
  • Charges, conditions and maintains 12V AGM and flooded batteries
  • LCD battery charging gauge and quick-set selections for easy operation
  • USB charging port compatible with smartphones, cameras and tablets

Optima is ruling the industry for over 40 years because of its innovative powerful products and so is this one from them. Optima Digital 1200 is the best marine agm battery charger on the market. We know it can enhance the performance of all the 12V AGM batteries and other high-performance flooded batteries in hours. It is most powerful to recover the deeply discharged batteries and also extend their battery life after regular usage. Not only this to make it more convenient and easy to use, it has a 5 watt USB charging port with which you can charge iPad, iPhone, Android phones, cameras, video recorders and other USB powered devices.

Optima maintainer is one of the best agm battery chargers for marine vehicles, boats, motor boats, speeds boats, caravan, golf cart, etc. While testing what really amazed us was the 6 stage charging with efficient recovery mode. In these stages, the charger recognizes the quality of charge required and thereby control the amperes, fast charge, condition, auto-maintain, and condition the battery. We love the fact that it can charge a dead battery with as low as 1.25 VDC. Moving on to the types of battery it can charge are the lead, lithium-ion, wet, gel, and other batteries used in marine vehicles.

For convenience, it has a LCD screen that shows the battery charge amount, current in Volts and Amps. Last but not the least for safety it has all the fetaures like shockproof, weatherproof, reverse-polarity resistance, overcharge protection, and recovery mode.

For convenience, it has a LCD screen that shows the battery charge amount, current in Volts and Amps. Last but not the least for safety it has all the features like shockproof, weatherproof, reverse-polarity resistance, overcharge protection, and recovery mode.

Things We Like
  • Best for heavy batteries
  • LCD display makes it more convenient
  • Can charge completely dead batteries
  • Safety wise great
Things We Don't Like
  • A little expensive

Bottom Line

A worthy agm battery charger in the market known for its powerpack performance, efficiency, and quality.

4. TowerTop Smart Battery – Best AGM Battery For Carvan And Golf Cart

TowerTop Smart Battery
  • Fast, Smart Battery Charger: The Battery Charger can charge all types of 12V Lead-acid Batteries, including GEL, AGM and STD. It is perfect for charging Automotive, Motorcycle, Marine, RV, PowerSport, Lawn & Garden, etc. Do not charge a frozen or dead battery that has gone below 3V.
  • 7-Step Charging Program: Desulphation, Soft Start, Bulk Charge, Absorption, Battery Test, Recondition and Floating. This allows for optimization of battery power, without overcharging or damaging.
  • Advanced Start Aid: Engine Start Aid feature can help start your vehicle in about 120 seconds.
  • Auto Detect Systems: Features Battery Voltage detection, then automatically selects charge rate for charging and maintaining. Battery reconditioning feature helps extend battery life. LCD screen displays charging status and battery status with easy to understand icons.
  • Safety Protection: Battery Charger has Over Voltage, Over Heat, Overtime Charging, Short Circuit, and Reverse Polarity Protection to ensure users safety.

If you are looking for something to charge your carvan, golf cart, or other similar vehicles this can be a good choice. Towerttop is a smart fast battery charger that is versatile to use. Our testing boasts it about its convenient and easy to use design and functioning. We loved its tower top design as it can be placed easily on the battery next to it.

The smart product can charge a number of batteries like the lead-acid batteries, Gel, AGM, STD, and many more. In our perspective, it is a good choice for charging automotive, motorcycle, marine, RVs, powersport, SUVs. boats, etc. It works well for batteries on a really low charge. We would recommend it not use for dead batteries that have gone below 3V. This is a glitch for some especially in the regions where it’s extremely cold and the batteries tend to go below 3V. Furthermore, we liked its 7-step charging process where the battery is charged with a soft start and ends up with re-conditioning. All this gives it a long life and enhances battery power.

For safety, it has auto-detect systems like voltage detection, recovery mode, overheat protection, reverse-polarity protection, and safety protections, and battery reconditioning. Lastly, it is capable of starting your engine within 2 minutes after charging which is definitely a bliss when you are in a rush.

Things We Like
  • High peformance
  • LCD display makes it more convenient
  • Can start the engine within 120 seconds
  • Safety wise great
Things We Don't Like
  • Can’t charge dead batteries

Bottom Line

Yet another excellent choice to jump-start the batteries. It is meant for large automotive. Buy it for its versatile nature.

5. Battery Minder 128C8C1 – Best AGM Battery Charger With Amp And Recovery Mode

Battery Minder 128C8C1
  • EIGHT BATTERIES AT A TIME - Maintains up to eight batteries at a time when connected in parallel. Requires the use of Y-Connectors 210AY (sold separately). Ideal for winterizing Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, ATV, Boat, RV, etc. The 90-140 VAC 47-63 Hz input allows for worldwide use.
  • AMBIENT TEMPERATURE SENSOR– Temperature compensation precisely adjusts battery voltage based on temperature sensor readings. This ensures your battery will always be properly charged and maintained no matter what conditions it is subject to. Reverse polarity, short-circuit and over temperature protection.
  • EXTENDED BATTERY LIFE: Automatic full-time desulfator reverses sulfation (a buildup of lead sulfate crystals) - the primary cause of early battery failure by using a patented range of high frequencies to safely remove sulfation and recondition weak batteries. Sulfated batteries once considered beyond recovery can now be brought back to long-term useful condition; extending battery life up to four times when compared to new batteries not being properly maintained.
  • 2/4/8 AMP – Use the 2 Amp setting for batteries that are charged and in good shape. Use the 4 Amp setting when charging more than one battery or a large deep cycle battery. The 8 Amp setting is best for wet/AGM/sealed batteries. Use the Odyssey selection for all Odyssey batteries.
  • FCC CERTIFIED - Certified by the California Energy Commission as meeting the current efficiency standards, which means it meets strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy. High efficiency and low power consumption. 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty Included

One of the most advanced AGM chargers that you can find with automotive experts, professionals, or in the garages. We call it a beast as it is capable of charging eight batteries at a time. But make sure to connect it in parallel series. Be rest assured, when charging multiple batteries the performance is not decreased as the device works independently for each one. You get 2/4/8 Amp modes in it for charging as per the need. We recommend using the 2 Amp setting for a low charge battery, 4 Amp for more than one battery or a large deep cycle battery, and 8 Amp when using AGM, wet, or sealed batteries.

Battery Minder is an excellent choice for people living in extremely cold temperatures as it can bring back life even in the dead frozen batteries. Consider using this product for cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATV, RVs, boats, caravan, golf cart, etc. The product features an exclusive display that can help you determine the level of charge remaining in the battery and tell about its replacement need too. Furthermore, be rest assured you won’t face overcharge issues with this.

The safety features uses smart technology to keep the product and your vehicle safe and secure. For the same it has features like voltage detection, anti-shock, short circuit protection, etc. What is unique is the ambient temperature sensor and the automatic full-time desulfator. Both these add-on specifications ensure product safety, efficiency, and faster performance.

Things We Like
  • Exclusive safety features
  • Comes with three Amp modes
  • Can start the engine instantly
  • Can charge 8 batteries together
Things We Don't Like
  • Expensive

Bottom Line

A professional-level charger in the market known for its efficiency to charge multiple batteries together single-handedly.

6. Black Decker BM3B – Best Motorbike AGM Battery Charger

Black Decker BM3B1
  • Charges and maintains 12 volt and 6 volt AGM, GEL and WET batteries
  • Easy connection to vehicle battery using battery clips and O-ring terminals
  • Stops charging automatically when battery is fully charged or topped off, switching to float mode monitoring
  • Built-in circuit protection guards against overcharging, reverse polarity, or short circuit; ETL certified for performance and safety
  • Mounting bracket built-in to charger for convenient placement

If you are looking for an affordable good AGM battery charger for your motorbike or car this can be an excellent choice. It has standard level of charging time and can be used to charge small to medium sized batteries. The charging capacity is not supremely fast but does a decent job in a few hours. The product is portable and compact you can easily fit it into your bike or car during travel.

Black Decker can maintain 6 Volt and 12 Volt AGM, Gel, and wet batteries only. So, cross-check the type of battery your vehicle has before investing in this one. You can easily connect it to the vehicle battery using the alligator clips and O-ring terminals. We like the fact that though its low price product but has amazing features like over-charge protection. While test we got to know that the product would work great to maintain the charge but would fail to give life to a frozen dead battery.

Last but not the least, for safety it is equipped with short-circuits protection, reverse polarity, and built-in circuit protection. Definitely worth buy for the price and quality.

Things We Like
  • Affordable
  • Overcharge protection
  • Battery maintainer
Things We Don't Like
  • Can’t charge dead batteries

Bottom Line

A great budget-friendly product for motorbikes, boats, cars, and other medium-size vehicles batteries.

Buying’s Guide – What To Consider While Buying The AGM Battery Charger?

Different kinds of products are available in the market with different features and functionalities. It varies with the budget of the buyers as well as the mode of operations. Therefore before buying a top AGM charger, certain features and functionalities of the product should be noticed that would define the quality. Those features and the functionalities should match with the pricing and your requirement for a satisfactory shopping experience. If you don’t know how to do all this we are here to help. We have a buying guide solely for you. Our buying guide would help you find out the top one matching your needs.

1. Battery Type

You should know what kind of battery you have and what are the batteries that you are planning to use in the future. This would give an idea of the types of batteries the charger can charge. Nowadays almost all the chargers can charger a variety of batteries from AA to D, AGM, Wet, Gel, Lead, Li-ion, Ni-mh, and other different kinds. So, it would be better if your charger could charger all of them for you to use in the present or future. The best in this category are NOCO Genius G7200, Schumacher SC1281, and Optima 1200 Maintainer.

2. Quick Charging Mechanism

This is one crucial thing to consider when choosing the AGM charger. Here this means you should know about the charging time. Not all the chargers in the industry can charge super quickly. Choosing a one with fast charging is very important and an added advantage. We have only included those chargers on our list that have quick charging technology.

3. Safety

Safety is another important consideration that cannot be ignored at any cost. Safety of the vehicle battery, charger, and your life is extremely important. Almost all battery chargers come with a number of safety features. They are important as they prevent the possibility of fire/or explosion while charging the batteries. When you have a product with safety features you would rest assured and not worry about overcharging, weak charging, overheating, etc. A few important features include voltage detection, overcharging, overheating, shockproof, weather-proof, short-circuit protection, built-in circuit protection, etc.

Final Talk

If charging goes to a minimal level, it is troublesome for the vehicle’s functioning. The AGM battery chargers are the first device to protect your vehicle’s battery and let you travel as much as you want. Hence, having the best AGM battery charger is a must. You cannot compromise on it. During our tests, we have tried to test the product in every possible way. Based on tests we have to provide our reviews. These reviews will help you find the right detector for your home or office. The only thing you have to do now is to identify what are your requirements and how much you can spend on it. Based on your needs and budget, choose the one from our list.

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