Best Car Seat For 5 Year Old  2020 – Buying Guide & Reviews

Best Car Seat For 5 Year Old 2020 – Buying Guide & Reviews

A 5-year-old still needs support to stay safe and secure during a car ride. A combination car seat is best for them. It would be better if you go for seats with front-facing and booster mode both. The market has for sure an array of models which makes choosing the best car seat for 5 year old a difficult task. We analyzed and tested the top models for good 60 hours to get the best one out of them. So, here’s our list.

Best Car Seat For 5 Year Old

1.Britax High-Point Booster Seat – Best Car Seat For 5 Year Old

Britax High-Point Booster Seat
  • Easy installation: Color coded belt guides ensure proper seat belt positioning and the push button lower connectors secure the booster seat to the vehicle when not in use
  • Ride comfortably: 10 Position quick adjust head headrest grows along with your child and soft, breathable knit fabrics keep your child comfortable
  • Surrounded in safety: 3 layers of side impact protection featuring external impact cushions
  • Removable Cup Holders: Keep drinks and snacks close at hand; Dishwasher safe
  • Fits: Forward facing 40 to 120 pounds, child height 38 to 63 inches; Dimensions: Minimum 27.5 x 21.5 x 16 inches (HxWxD), Maximum 35 x 21.5 x 16 inches(HxWxD); Child seated shoulder height is 15 to 21.5 in inches; Seating compartment height is 25.5 to 32.5 in inches with backrest; Seat area depth or width is 12.5 inch or 12 inch; Secure guard strap distance from bite is 7.5 inch

This one is one of the quality models in the industry for kids of 5 years or above age group. It has a great construction and a premium soft touch body. You could use this until your child turns 10 years of age. Britax booster can be installed pretty easily with the help of the color-coded belt guides and the push-button lower connectors. This way it ensures the perfect fitting of the booster seat to the vehicle when in use or not in use. To enhance safety, it has 3 layers of side impact protection with external impact cushions. Our tests suggest it can handle even the scariest crash force to keep your child safe.

The seat features a belt across the shoulder and on the lower abdomen along with a secured guard positioning clip. Your child can use this safest front facing car seat until he weighs 120 pounds. Furthermore, it has 10 positions quick-adjust head rest that grows along with the child to let them enjoy the comfortable ride always. We also like the highly cushioned seats that contour as per the body shape for relaxed seating.

The seat has two removable cup holders that can hold snacks and drinks safely. They are dishwasher safe. The seat cover is not removable but to keep up its hygiene you can always wipe it up with a damp cloth. Lastly, you also get five color options in it to choose as per your liking.

Things We Like
  • Give high level of safety
  • Negligeble maintainence
  • Meant kids above 5 years of age
  • Made with advanced safety technology
Things We Don't Like
  • None

Bottom Line

One of the high-end model in the industry for kids above 5 years of age. Buy it for its comfort, supreme design, and durability.

2. Graco Turbo Booster – Best Portable Car Seat For 5 Year Old

Graco Turbo booster is a combination front-facing car seats for kids above 5 years of age. If you buy this model, your child can easily use it till he turns 10. This particular model supports kids with weight 40 to 110 lbs and height up to 57 inches. It’s a 2-in-1 belt-positioning booster seat. You can use this in the backless mode or high back mode as per your choice. The seat securely connects to your vehicle seat with its one-hand front latch system. You can install it in seconds. Its lightweight and quick installation make it one of the portable car seat for 5 years old.

Graco High booster has a shoulder belt that can be adjusted along with the headrest as per the child’s requirement. The shoulder belt provides a good and secure fit to prevent form forward crashing forces. It has 6 positions adjustable headrest to position as per the activity the child is doing. For safety, it has protect plus engineered technology with energy-absorbing foam to absorb the crash forces during an accident and kee the child safe. The entire body is made to offer a multi-layer comfort to the growing child.

To store stuff, it has a removable cup holder and a pull and a small tray on the sides to keep small toys or other small stuff. You get it in two colors black and red. Choose the one matching your car interiors.

Bottom Line

A great buy from the world’s leading child brand. Consider it if you are looking for something portable, sturdy, and lightweight.

3. Kids Embrace 2-in-1 Belt – Fancy Car Seat For 5 year Old

Kids Embrace 2-in-1 Belt
  • 5-POINT HARNESS SECURITY: Two position points at each shoulder, two position points at the child's hips, and one point where the harness buckles between the legs to give your child the best possible protection
  • 3-HARNESS POSITION: There are three slots to position the harness shoulder straps depending on the age and height of your child. Shoulder straps should be at or just above the shoulders
  • TWO MODE OPTIONS: Forward-facing five-point harness car seat is made for children between 22 and 65 pounds and 29 to 49 inches in height. Convert to a belt-positioning booster seat for older kids between 30 and 100 pounds and 38 to 57 inches in height
  • SAFETY CERTIFICATIONS: Insurance Institute for Highway Safety "Best Bet" rating for booster car seats; exceeds Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS 213)
  • ADDED COMFORT: Three-position adjustable height headrest is equipped with energy-absorbing EPS foam. Two cup holders provide added convenience to hold drinks or store treats and small trinkets

If your 4 year old is a Super hero fan than this one is definitely for him/her. The Spiderman Kids Embrace is the coolest item on our list. You also get this in other super hero characters too like Hulk, Superman, Batman, Black Panther, Captain America, and Iron Man. This is the only brand that has come up with this cool idea. Not only it’s cool and exciting for the kids to sit on but it also has quality features in it. With this, your child would never say no to car seats. It follows all the safety standards so you can buy it with a close eye. The seat has two modes the front-facing mode and the high-booster mode. This seat is not meant for kids from 5-10 years of age only.

The seat is ergonomically designed featuring a well-padded contoured seating for comfort. The harness has a 5-point belting mechanism like others to fit from the shoulders to the thighs and back. You can also convert the harness into a shoulder belt when using in the booster mode. For comfort, it is well-cushioned from all sides. It also has a headrest that is adjustable along with the belt. So, basically it grows with your child and can be adjusted to fit to individual needs. The only glitch here is it fits well to large cars only like SUV or other in that line. If you have a small car it might not be a good choice.

For storage, it has two cup holders with decent space. The second worry we had with this was the latch and durability. The seat might have a problem and a loose fit if your vehicle’s seat has a different design than the standard ones. For the latest SUV models, this might be a good buy.

Things We Like
  • Available in exciting superhero characters
  • Has good space
  • Can be used from 5-10 years of age
Things We Don't Like
  • Latch system is not great
  • Fits well to only SUV type cars

Bottom Line

The coolest best car seat for 5 year old. Kids love it to the core. Safety is never a concern with this.

4. Evenflo Maestro Sport – Budget-Friendly Car Seat For 5 Year Old

Evenflo Maestro Sport
  • 2 Modes - 5-point Harness: 10 to 22.6 kg(22 to 50 lbs) and 71 to 127 cm (28 to 50 in) - At least 2 years old
  • Booster: 18 to 49.8 kg (40 to 110 lbs) and 110 to 145 cm (43.3 to 57 in) - At least 4 years old
  • Up-Front Harness Adjust: Central, front access to harness adjuster provides an easy way to adjust child's harness for an accurate, snug fit
  • Shoulder Belt Guide: Automatically positions the vehicle belt in the proper position for your child
  • Dual Cup Holders: Two built-in cup holders keep drinks and snacks within reach - allows driver to stay focused on the road. Seat belt booster age - at least four years of age

EvenFlo is an affordable seat in the market with quality features. It is definately a good option for its price, supreme make, and comfortability. It has all the things that you would find in the regular models. The Maestro is a convertible car seat. You can convert it into forward-facing harness to belt-positioning booster mode or vice-versa. The seat supports weight between 22-120 lbs and height between 28-50 inches. Our test results suggest it can be a good buy for kids between 4-8 years of age.

For safety, it has a 5 point harness belt. The belt aims to provide safety and security to the child. The harness is fully adjustable from the central and frontal side to provide the child an accurate snug fit. The headrest moves along with the seat belt automatically to position the belt properly and prevent a super-tight or a loose fit. Moving on to its cushioning and cover, the cushioning is not very great it aims to provide a medium level of comfort.

It has two dual cup holders to keep drinks and snacks safe. To maintain hygiene the seat pad can be machine washed. You cannot wash the entire body but can definitely wipe with a damp cloth to maintain hygiene.

Things We Like
  • Affordable
  • Has good space
  • 2-in-1 comes with front-facing and booster mode
Things We Don't Like
  • Seat padding not great

Bottom Line

A budget-friendly decent product for the kids between 5-8 years of age. However, the durability would depend on usage. If you use it properly it might last you for few years.

5. EvenFlo Big Kid AMP Booster – Basic Car Seat For 5 Year Old

Evenflo Big Kid AMP Booster
  • 2 Seats In 1 Removable back for easy transition to a no back booster
  • One hand, 6 position height adjustment to accommodate growing children longer. Seat belt booster fit-Top of the child's ears are at or below the top of the child restraint
  • The child should be at least 4 years of age
  • Energy absorbing foam liner provides added safety and comfort. 2 cup holders for drinks
  • Machine washable pad keeps seat looking clean

Even Flo is known for making affordable child products. Their product though fall low in price but have all the necessary features and quality standards. The AMP booster is loved by many parents and is one of the top-rated product in this price range. It is a 2-in-1 convertible car seat with a removable back so you can use it as a high belt-positioning booster seat or backless booster seat. It is meant for kids between 35-120 lbs of weight and up to 58 inches in height. The seat follows all the safety standards and thus can be a good for every parent.

The AMP booster is designed with a regular car shoulder belt that goes across the shoulder and the abdomen for a tight secure fit during the ride. The seat has protection layers to absorb the crash forces, jerks, and sudden forward movements. We tested it for several crash tests and were impressed to see how well the energy-absorbing foam works to keep the child safe. Additionally, it has six-position adjustable headrest that grows along with your child. The seat is light in weight and thus makes a perfect choice for people who switch vehicles during travel.

You get it in seven different color options patterns choose your child’s favorite color. To maintain it, you can remove the seat pad and throw it in the washing machine. The other parts of the seat can be cleaned using a damp cloth. Lastly, it has two holders to keep drinks.

Things We Like
  • Affordable
  • Good space
  • High-back and backless booster mode
Things We Don't Like
  • Padding is thin

Bottom Line

A seat only made for big kids. You can buy it for its price, quality, and safety features.

Buying Guide – What To Look For When Buying A Car Seat For 5 Year Old

A car seat is a necessity until your child turns 10 years. It only keep your child safe but also is a major life savior during accidents. The crash forces during car accidents is too much for a child’s body to handle. They often suffer from fatal injuries during an accident. So, to keep your child safe normally or during an unforeseen car accident a car seat is a must.

There are different types of seats offering different set of features in the market. Even the requirement varies from one parent to other parents. So, there is no thumb rule for anyone but there are a few considerations that are a must. And everything available is not worth buying. You need to be careful and choose a product sufficing all your requirements. If you are unsure of how to do it, we have a guide for you. In this guide, you will find out the considerations to look for in a car seat which would make your understanding easier. So, let’s began:

1. Types Of Car Seat

The market has three major kinds of car seat the rear-facing seat, the front-facinf seat, and the booster seat. The rear-facing car seats are definitely not meant for 5 years old as there weight and limit exceeds the maximum limit. The front-facing car seat for 5 year old can be a good option but it varies from child to child. A front-facing is generally for the age group 2-6 years A few feel more comfortable in the belt booster seat than the forward-facing one. The third option is the belt-positioning booster seat. You get it in the backless booster mode or the high-back booster mode. They are the most recommended option for this age group as they would last till your child turn 10. A five year old would feel more comfortable in a booster seat than a front-facing one. The best ones in this category are Britax High-Point Booster Seat and .

2. Harness Or Belt Type

The harness is the belt that the children out on their bodies to protect for protection, safety, and a secure snug fit. The belts in the front-facing mode start from the back of their mid-shoulder and goes up along the shoulder till the stomach and then between the thighs. This type have a 5 point safety connection atleast. In the high-end models like you get a 9 point safety. The 9 point is obviously safer than the 5 point one but the five-point one is no less. The shoulder belt that you find in the booster seat has two straps. One of the strap goes from the shoulder and the other strap goes across the lower abdomen. This way it makes sure your entire body is safe and secure all the time while traveling.

3. Safety

A car seat raises the child up so that they can sit high for a secure fit. The belt in it should support the back, neck, and the entire front body so that in case of forwarding forces the child should never fall forward. The belt should be tight enough for the child to not slide out easily. The size of the car seat that you are choosing should not be less than the height of the seat inside the car. Additionally, for enhanced safety cushioning also plays an important role. The cushions provide support and have energy-absorbing forces that can keep them safe even during the scariest crash force. The energy absorbing cushioning is good as it prevents the child from falling forward or from injuries or the spine during jerk, bumpy roads, or sudden crash forces.

4. Durability

A car seat is an investment for your child safety and comfort so it is a must for the product to be durable. A car seat with front-facing and booster mode lasts for good 5-7 years, only if it is a durable one. Later, when your child outgrows it you can pass it to the younger siblings or cousins. For durability and sturdiness, focus on the features like the seat cushion, seat fabrics, and the construction frame. All the seats mentioned in our list passed our durability test and thus are fit to buy. No matter which one you choose you can enjoy 5-7 years of peaceful ride.

5. Installation

Installation is often challenging especially if you don’t have an idea about technical things and you are doing it for the first time. It would be better and much easier if you have a proper installation guide or a detailed video guide. All the reputed brands provide a detailed guide to make installation simpler. Most of the products have a latch system that fits on to the car seat for firm installation. If there is a click latch system it’s better as you hear a click sound to confirm the installation.

6. Maintainance

Maintaining requires washing of the car seat pad and the other parts. Food stains and other spills are a common sight in the car if you have a toddler as they are still learning to have a grip over things. It’s quite obvious for your little one would spill milk, food, or any other food item on the seat. So, to keep it clean a thorough cleaning is a must. In most of the seats, the car seat pad or cover is machine washable and the other parts require a wipe with a damp cloth. Prefer washing the seat pads after every two weeks if you are a regular user or once a month if you use it occasionally. The same rule applies for the seta pads or covers .s

7. Cost

Cost is a personal criteria. You can choose the high-end ones or the basic ones depending on your choice. Going for a reputed brand and a quality product is always wise as it lengthens durability and convenience. We have products falling in both the high-end and the mediocre ranges. Both of them perform well except for the few add-on features in the high-end ones.

Final Talk

The best car seats for 5 year old are mentioned above. Believe us, they are best in all ways. They would provide excellent comfort, support, cushioning, safety, and would last for years over the years. Nevertheless, cross-check the features with your requirement and budget for a worthy buy. If you don’t wont to do all this directly go for our top pick Britax High-Point Booster Seat.

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